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Mr Nano. Your Mighty Armour has convinced a long time skeptic of paint protection. I have been polishing cars by hand for 25 years and have always been proud of my results. Mighty Armour takes it to a whole new level. Its as if it repels my hand as I feel how smooth it is. Smoothness like nothing i have used before and a gloss that speaks for itself. Its so easy to apply and the results make every minute spent doing it worthwhile. Mighty Armour for life. My neighbors are all gobsmacked at the results and the feel of the paintwork.

Bass Vandelay

Love this Stuff! I came back from a trip to SA with plenty of beach driving and tight tracks and was sure I was going to have the typical pin stripes…ZERO scratches!! Best  couple hundred $$ spent without a doubt!

Micheal Geoffrey

 I used this! Proof is in the pics really worked on one thin coat! Mind you I’ll give her another hit before I take her out again. Was shocked when I paid $168 for a tiny bottle, but was well worth it! My car still looks brand new. Thanks very much! There’s a lot of gimmicks out there and hard to know what really works? And for the price for most people it’s not worth taking a risk just to find out you’ve been had. But I took the punt and tested it out on my mountain bike before taking the big chance in the car, and I gotta say I was quite surprised with just one coat! I think your product is great and has saved my brand new DMAX from as you can see some pretty hard scratching! I will be giving it a second coat just for piece of mind

Tim Bearman

About a month back I applied Mighty Armour paint protection to stop getting pin strips 4wding. Haven’t had a chance to see how good it is for that, although todays trip might tell. Anyways my vehicle was filthy and went though rain on the way home. Certainly repels dirt and crap. If it wasn’t for the tyres and mud on the bullbar you wouldn’t even be able to tell I was just 4wding. Hey Dan, I run a blog on my Sport and this was tonight’s post. https://thepajerosport.com/2017/02/26/scratch-resistant-paint-protection/

Ric Hard

After many cars and hundreds of dollars of cleaning products and my appreciation of clean good looking cars, I’ll never go past this product Mr Nano Metal & Plastic, Mr Nano Glass & Marine, and finally Mr Nano Multi Clean.  I’ve had so many good comments, especially when I recently had my Prado serviced. They couldn’t believe  the results. Thanks Dan!!

Mark Harris
Mr Nano Testimonial
Mr Nano Testimonial

Came home from 3 week cruise wondering who cleaned the pool??? Realised the Mr Nano Glass was making it look clean! Cannot recommend this product enough and telling all our friends. The grand kids run around the pool and make a mess but the glass is still clean after a hose and wipe, looks superb thanks Mr Nano!

Ned & Tiha Gaspar

Thanks heaps looks great. Cheers

Randy Ermino

Getting Dan to come and Nano the glass in our shower was the best decision we’ve made with our house yet! Six months later, the water still beads off after every shower and the glass still sparkles like new with a quick wipe down. We highly recommend Dan and the team at Mr Nano – brilliant product and fantastic customer service.


Hey Dan, came up a treat. Not bad for a daily commuter. Cheers

Greg Jones