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4 Ways To Help Keep Your Home Spotless

Let Your Home Surfaces Shine Impeccably

Nothing says clean like gleaming surfaces, but with the kids and pets running around, it can be really difficult to keep your floors, countertops, tabletops — all the surfaces in your home — looking their best. This handy guide will certainly help you to clean multiple surfaces quickly and easily.

Unclutter Your Space

The less stuff you have sitting out, whether for utility or display, cuts your cleaning time down because you are not having to move and dust down these items. Be sensible in what you leave on top of countertops, coffee tables, end tables and buffets. Displaying items like knick knacks and photo collections should be kept to a minimum, consider buying a glass-fronted cabinet for displaying your collection of displays, because having these items in an allocated location not only prevents clutter but also saves moving these items anytime you want to clean, plus if you have an enclosed cabinet this will prevent dust settling all over these beloved items. In the kitchen, keep out only what you use several times per day. Remember: A lack of clutter gives the look of clean.

Equipment To Make Cleaning A Breeze

Gather everything you’ll need to tackle the job in one spot or, if you have one, a trolly you can bring with you which holds cleaning equipment. Here are the basics:

Two types of cleaning cloths: heavy-duty paper towels for tougher cleaning jobs, like the kitchen, and a soft chamois cloth for more delicate surfaces.

  • A duster for the tops of knick knacks, mirrors and pictures, and the lampshades.
  • Mr Nano surface protection for glass and or ceramic tiles comes highly recommended. This new protective coating will keep your surfaces clean for a great amount of time, up to 2 years. Glass & Ceramic Shine from Mr Nano, once applied, seals and waterproofs your glass and ceramic surfaces with it’s amazing hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. Repelling water and the likes so to prevent surfaces from becoming dirty and stopping grime build up, which in turn saves you huge amounts of cleaning time. Thats gotta be good for you….. meaning more time relaxing either with family or with a nice glass of wine. Glass & Ceramic Shine is a simple cheap option to save you time and money, no more need to spend valuable money on harsh cleaning chemicals on your glass or ceramic surfaces, because of the protective layer which has sealed these surfaces you will only need to wipe down with a clean cloth and water and your done. Remember when you do want to give these surfaces a wipe down (it’s very few and far between) foreign matter struggles to stick to these treated surfaces, so you will find having to clean is a long time between drinks, so to speak. Another great benefit with Glass & Ceramic Shine is it leaves your ceramic surfaces with an amazing crystal clean shine for the duration of the coating, making the surface look like it has been polished. Also this great product can be used inside and outside of your home so great for keeping your shower screens and windows looking spotless. No more stubborn calcium stains that are caused from hard water which is hard to avoid as this hard water comes from our water supply. But fear not because Glass & Ceramic Shine is here to prevent these issues and to make your life a relaxing dream. 
  • You may think ‘great but this miracle coating must need a heap of professionals to apply it to these surfaces’? Well need not worry because this is specially designed and engineered as a DIY application, so all you need to do is invest in Glass & Ceramic Shine. Give yourself the same amount of time you would spend cleaning all these surfaces and instead dedicate this same amount of time to applying Glass & Ceramic Shine, all that’s needed is to spray Glass & Ceramic Shine directly to the surface and wipe down with a good quality cotton cloth. Avoid these surfaces making contact from water etc for 24hrs and your done. These surfaces are protected for the next 2 years awesome.

Develop a Simple Cleaning Plan

Based on the layout of your house, make a plan that will move you efficiently from room to room, cleaning surfaces in each space as you go. Keep in mind to make use of the exclusive Mr Nano Glass & Ceramic Shine, which comes with the efficiency to provide crystal clear glass and shiny ceramic tiles for at least 2 years.

Moreover, you’ll want to make a pass through the more heavily trafficked rooms in your house — the kitchen, family room, hallways and bathrooms — twice a week to maintain that freshly cleaned appearance.

Albeit it may not be as deep down as a house-clearing scrub down, keeping your surfaces sparkling using this wonderful, unparalleled product will give you a sense of cleanliness.

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