Identifying Vehicle Paint Scratches

The Best Way to Protect Your Car from Scratches

We may be aware about how to efficiently repair our cars paint, if and when, it suffers from scratches. However, even more important is the knowledge of how to protect your vehicles paint against scratches and other major threats in the first place. Not only will paint protection save you sweat, time, and most importantly money, it will also help you to ensure the long lasting value and rust prevention of your own vehicle. There are many types of vehicle paint protections available on the market, all varying in how they are applied.

Scratches in your car paint are almost unescapable. You can apply the strategy of vehicle paint protection Mighty Armour from Mr Nano which has a 9H hardness factor, which will give your paint a fighting chance and everything will be in your power to avoid the impact of day to day wear and tear, for example key and ring scratches around the door handles, off road scuffs from annoying bushes down narrow tracks and unconcerned shoppers sliding shopping carts down the side of your vehicle in those confined parking lots and not to mention using incorrect washing techniques and using harsh washing tools.

The automotive paint which you have, most likely has a clear coat which is a good paint protection in it’s own right but is very limited and won’t stop scratches whatsoever. If not looked after or left in the elements continuously this clear coat will crack and start to peel and flake within a short period of time. So having Mighty Armour either applied by a qualified applicator or easily applied by DIY (do it yourself) would prevent this. 

Identify and Repair Options

Depending on the severity of the scratch or scratches on your paint, then paint correction (cut and polish) would need to be done, or in the worst case scenario a respray of paint. Before deciding how to restore your paint to its immaculate state, you need to identify how profound the scratch is and which layers the scratch has speared or damaged.

If you notice scratches on the paint and you want to remove these defects, firstly you need to identify the severity of the damage. A close examination will help you identify whether it’s merely the transparent outer clear coat that has been damaged, or whether the problem extends to the actual pigmented coat or primary steel.

Usually with shallow or clear coat marks or scratches it will appear white in colour and if you run your finger across this white mark it should still be smooth with no dentation or gouges on the surface. An inexpensive cut and polish is most likely all that is needed to remove this defect. If you find the defect has a deep gouge after you have run your finger over it then this is a more serious sign which would need a more expensive repair job, which would most likely need to be done by a qualified panel beater. This defect would consist of a darker shade in colour and or show colouration of the primer coat which could be grey or any type of colour depending on manufacturer. Or if this damage is so deep it may show silver, which means the damage has gone all the way though the layers of paint and has reached the primary steel.



Exposed primary steel or primer paint, plus a deep gouge out of the surface. This form of damage is more serious and will need to be repaired by a qualified panel beater. A simple cut and polish will not be sufficient.



These types of scratches are less serious which are identified by a shade of white in colour and is still smooth to touch. This can be removed with a cutting compound either by hand or with a polishing machine, then finished off with a polish. This can be done by a qualified car detailer which is recommended, damage will occur to the paint if the wrong paint correction techniques are used, so if you don’t have experience with paint correction then it is better to have a car detailer perform this task.

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Checkout this video of Mighty Armour Tough Test for Scratch Resistance which shows the scratch resistant properties:


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Mighty Armour Ceramic Scratch Resistant Paint Protection

Promising Tips To Keep Your Car’s Paint Scratch Free

As a vehicle owner, you likely take great pride in your car, truck, 4×4 or SUV. For many people, their vehicle offers a sense of accomplishment and joy. For these reasons, folks go to great lengths to ensure that the car looks great at all times. This includes keeping it free of any dings, dents or scratches. Paint scratches are not only unsightly but they can allow for rust to form, which can lead to bigger problems down the road. While not all accidents can be prevented, there are a few simple tips you can follow to help keep your paint scratch free.

Use the Correct Car Washing Materials and methods 

If you haven’t treated your vehicle with Mighty Armour then here are some handy tips to avoid unsightly damage whilst washing your vehicle. When you are ready to wash your car be sure that you use proper washing materials. This includes using 100% cotton washing mitts, approved automotive soap or detergents and any other accessories that you deem necessary for a proper washing job. A two bucket method is great for not only saving valuable water but also separates the dirty washing detergent from the clean rinsing water, simply washing with the bucket which has the approved detergent and then using the other bucket to rinse down with a good quality chamois. It is important that you don’t use foam washing pads because debris, dirt, and anything nasty can get stuck in the foam which will cause damage to your vehicles paint. Also don’t use dishwashing soap when washing a vehicle as it contains degreasers and microscopic particles that are designed to remove food buildup on dishes, not dirt etc off your car paint.

Benefits Having Mighty Armour on Your Vehicle

Mighty Armour is an exclusive, amazing DIY ceramic scratch resistant paint protection that lets you get rid of those harsh detergents and washing chemicals that you need to remove tar, road grime, brake dust, exhaust stains, tree sap and much more that will try its hardest to stick and embed into your paint work causing damage. With simply applying our DIY ceramic coating the only equipment you need to keep your car looking brand new is either clean water or a mild approved automotive washing detergent with a good quality washing mitt and chamois. You will find using a mitt and chamois not even needed at times, instead just a simple hose down will remove the debris because the ceramic coating has been engineered with hydrophobic properties. Which means water and the likes fail to mix, because the paint has been sealed from the elements making the surface very slippery. All those different things mentioned, that you will struggle with, will fail to stick to the surface and with the superhydrophobic properties you will enjoy watching and cleaning as the beading has mind blowing effectiveness. It ensures durability for up to two years on all painted vehicles. This incredible, unmatched product comes with the most effortless cleaning properties and because of the 9H hardness, Mighty Armour has the strongest and toughest durability on the market today that makes it the number one choice for all vehicle and 4×4 owners, because it stops scratches and damage occurring whilst washing but also gives peace of mind with 4×4 owners knowing you can attack those off road tracks and avoid those annoying paint scuff marks and scratches that occur on those narrow tracks plus saves your paint from routine day to day paint wear. It is really effortless to apply as well as cuts the cleaning by almost half but you will find yourself wanting to clean your car regularly not because you have to but because you want to because once your vehicle has been coated washing becomes fun.

Safe Parking Habits

Parking lots are dangerous places for cars as they can encounter many different hazards. There is the chance that a runaway shopping cart could come into contact with your vehicle, or the person parked next to you could open the door just a little too hard.  Mighty Armour has great scratch resistant properties. It won’t prevent direct high impact damage, Mighty Armour may stop paint getting scratched but it can’t stop dents or dings. For these reasons, it is important to try to find a spot in the back of the parking lot, preferably in a corner, in order to minimize the chances of these issues occurring. 

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