Glass Armour Kit – Auto & Marine


One year rain repellency, insect smudges and bird droppings just repel away.

Save money with not having to buy cleaning products and wiper blades.

Cut huge amounts of cleaning time.

Always keep your vision clear and safe.

Simple spray on and wipe DIY application.



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Get Glass Armour Kit – Auto & Marine by Mr Nano and achieve effortless cleaning and years of clear, safer vision. An exclusive product that consists of active rain repellent properties and prevention from icing on frosty mornings. It comes with a year of durability and gives you absolutely easy cleaning and crystal clear vision. Moreover, it even removes the need for a wiper blade. This incredible, unmatched product works wonders on boats, motorhomes, cars, buses and trucks, windows, windscreens or windshields, even your rear view mirrors. Mr Nano Glass Armour Kit has everything you need to treat your vehicles glass, with the convenient kit you are able to clean your glass perfectly with streak free Multiclean all purpose cleaner, now you are ready to spray the Glass Armour directly to the surface. Once applied use the high quality cotton cloth, which is included in the kit, to spread and buff Mr Nano evenly until the residue disappears, and voila…… are done.

Mr Nano is formulated with an unsurpassed feature that is superhydrophobic (meaning no attraction to water).This feature means that when water hits the surface it repels and will simply bead and roll off, it cannot absorb or connect with the surface. In addition, it even prevents stubborn insect and water stains. Just spray on and wipe the surface and you are given amazing crystal clear safe vision. To prevent insect smudges and calcium build up on the windscreen, make sure you always have Glass Armour Kit – Auto & Marine by Mr Nano so your glass is sealed from these nasties.

Simply spray and wipe to give your windscreen rain repellency for an entire year. In addition, this miracle product by Mr Nano, helps to avoid icing on all glass surfaces, thus making waking up and driving really smooth and unproblematic. Glass Armour will give you 100% certainty providing more than 20,000km of durability on automotive vehicles like trucks, cars, motorhomes and caravans. Mr Nano will give boats and marine vessels 15,000km of durability, even with the extra elements and tough conditions to contend with.

Glass Armour – Auto & Marine by Mr Nano is a paramount product that helps you to cut cleaning time by more than half. It cuts grime buildup on the interior and exterior of any type of glass surface. Apart from this, it offers safer vision by simply beading away the rain whilst driving your vehicle or skippering your marine vessel, as well as letting you experience no more icing on the windshield at all.

Applying this product on the surface is really simple and convenient, giving you a superhydrophobic protective coating against things such as

  • heavy rain
  • frost & icing
  • tree sap
  • bird droppings
  • grease & oil stains
  • harsh chemicals
  • salt water residue
  • calcium & hard water stains & buildup
  • insect smudges & stains
  • ultraviolet rays
  • road grime
  • and a lot more, without any hassles.

Glass Armour Kit by Mr Nano is available in a 50ml Glass Armour sized bottle which is perfect for a small hatchback and or single cab utes whereas the 125ml Glass Armour bottle is ideal for larger sedans, 4×4, SUVs, trucks, motorhomes, buses and caravans that often have larger glass areas.

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50ml Kit Size: For small hatchback and or single cab utes

  • 50ml Glass Amour – Auto & Marine
  • 150ml Multiclean all purpose cleaner
  • 1x Cotton buffing cloth

125ml Kit Size: For larger sedans, 4×4, SUVs, trucks, motorhomes, buses and caravans

  • 125ml Glass Amour – Auto & Marine
  • 150ml Multiclean all purpose cleaner
  • 2x Cotton buffing cloth
Glass Armour Specifications

Additional information

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 190 × 190 × 100 mm
Select Kit Sizes

''50'', ''125''


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