Auto Interior Shield


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Repel dust not attract it! Apply only once.

Stops dust settling & stubborn stains simply wipe away.

Prevents fading or cracking on all vinyl and plastic with full UV protection.

Leaves a natural shine for 12 months

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Amazing new Interior Shield from Mr Nano protective coatings.
No more having to clean and wipe stubborn dust particles off your interior every time you drive. With its superhydrophobic and oleophobic features makes surfaces extremely difficult to wet and for any foreign matter to settle on the treated surface.
Interior Shield does not leave any artificial shine, excessive sun glare or greasy residue.
No more wasting money on inferior products and find out they don’t last, or dust sticks to the surface more leaving you very frustrated.
Effortless fast and easy cleaning properties on a variety of surfaces ranging from automotive dashboards, door linings, vinyl, metal & plastic trimmings.

  • Very easy to apply, giving you up to 12 months of proven repelling (beading) & protective properties against:
  • UV rays
  • Fading & cracking
  • Grease & oil
  • Cigarette ash
  • Soft drinks & coffee stains
  • Food stains & vomit
  • Cuts your cleaning time
  • Harsh chemicals & much much more

Mr Nano’s Interior Shield comes in a 50ml bottle and gives you great coverage 5-8ml/per m2. Coverage of one bottle is between 10-6 square metres which is more than enough to coat a large 4×4 or SUV vehicle.

Mr Nano has nanometer particles which embed into the surface giving you long lasting protection and a repelling effect against anything nasty trying to penetrate your beloved surface. Very easy application, simply clean surface thoroughly, dap a small amount on cotton pad (which is provided) and apply the coating evenly and softly, once applied to a small section then wipe residue off with a clean microfibre cloth. Once completed simply leave for 24hrs so coating can cure.

We highly recommend using Mr Nano specially designed Multiclean which leaves no residue or streaks and prepares the surface to give all Mr Nano range of products 100% full effectiveness so you benefit his great results.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 80 × 36 × 36 mm


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