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The revolutionary eco-friendly protective coating provided by Mr Nano products has superhydrophobic (beading) and oleophobic (repelling) properties. When applied to a surface, Mr Nano will embed nanometer particles into the surface giving a transparent protection leaving a deep polished finish for up to 24 months.

Many conventional coating systems are being replaced with products derived from newly researched nanotechnology. New features have evolved such as longer life span and enhanced protective properties.

Mr Nano is eco-friendly due to his durability (using product less often) and long lasting waterproof protective coating for cars and other assets.  There is also less environmental impact with his natural ingredients.

Nanosized Topcoats

This ultimate DIY ceramic paint coating has effortless cleaning properties with full UV protection on automotive, marine, household, painted and unpainted surfaces. Mr Nano topcoats give surfaces both protection from the environment and many features without altering surface characteristic like colour, texture and breathability.

Apply only once and you have up to 2 years protective durability against corrosion, oxidisation, fading and cracking, UV rays, chemicals and more. Mr Nano not only protects but leaves you a shiny and clear deep polished finish.

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