How to Look After Your Car for the Long-term

Cars are expensive items to buy and run so it’s in your interest to look after them properly. This can not only extend the life of your car, but it will also increase its value when you decide to sell it and will reduce running costs. There are several ways to do this.

1. Driving with Care

The absolute worst way to drive a car is to accelerate aggressively and brake hard on a regular basis. This will not only mean your fuel consumption is much worse than it should be, but it will also cause unnecessary wear on brake pads and other components.

The secret is to be aware of what’s happening around you, anticipate problems and drive smoothly without excessive revving of the engine. Being aware means you can avoid potholes and rough areas that can damage tyres, exhausts and suspension.

Always use your brakes to slow the car since reducing speed by shifting to lower gears, especially at high speeds, can damage the engine. And don’t drive with your foot resting on the clutch pedal or your hand on the gear stick since these can cause friction that results in wear. Also, avoid carrying excess weight since this puts unnecessary strain on the car as well as adversely affecting fuel consumption.

2. Scheduled Servicing

The car’s handbook will specify when services are due, and these are intended to keep your car in good condition. It’s important you stick to these schedules, ensure the services are carried out by a reputable garage and that original replacement parts or equivalent are used. Cheaper parts will be of inferior quality and should not be used.

3. Regular Checks

The general principle is that catching problems early will prevent them from getting worse. So, if you get a warning light, always check what it means because it might be serious.

Inspect your tyres every few weeks to check for damage and signs of wear, ensuring tread is always at least the minimum legal depth. Check fluid levels and top up when necessary. Frequent inspections and action will ensure your car is safe, will save money on expensive repairs and will maintain the general condition and value of the vehicle.

4. Keeping it Clean

First impressions count so a car that looks good will have greater value than one that’s dirty and grubby. A regular clean, both inside and out, is an essential task.

Regular washing will prevent paintwork damage from ingrained dirt and bird droppings. And the very fact you’re washing the car will mean you’ll notice any dents and scratches that you can deal with before they get worse.

Most people don’t enjoy washing the car and you can reduce the frequency by keeping the car under cover, preferably in a garage, so it’s protected from bird droppings and other contaminants. Using the right materials to clean the car will also help while a nano ceramic coating will protect the paintwork, ensure the car stays clean longer and make effective washing much easier.

Looking after your car isn’t difficult, it just needs a little time and effort. Plus, of course, the best materials to protect and maintain it.

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