How to Look After Your Car for the Long-term

Cars are expensive items to buy and run so it’s in your interest to look after them properly. This can not only extend the life of your car, but it will also increase its value when you decide to sell it and will reduce running costs. There are several ways to do this.

1. Driving with Care

The absolute worst way to drive a car is to accelerate aggressively and brake hard on a regular basis. This will not only mean your fuel consumption is much worse than it should be, but it will also cause unnecessary wear on brake pads and other components.

The secret is to be aware of what’s happening around you, anticipate problems and drive smoothly without excessive revving of the engine. Being aware means you can avoid potholes and rough areas that can damage tyres, exhausts and suspension.

Always use your brakes to slow the car since reducing speed by shifting to lower gears, especially at high speeds, can damage the engine. And don’t drive with your foot resting on the clutch pedal or your hand on the gear stick since these can cause friction that results in wear. Also, avoid carrying excess weight since this puts unnecessary strain on the car as well as adversely affecting fuel consumption.

2. Scheduled Servicing

The car’s handbook will specify when services are due, and these are intended to keep your car in good condition. It’s important you stick to these schedules, ensure the services are carried out by a reputable garage and that original replacement parts or equivalent are used. Cheaper parts will be of inferior quality and should not be used.

3. Regular Checks

The general principle is that catching problems early will prevent them from getting worse. So, if you get a warning light, always check what it means because it might be serious.

Inspect your tyres every few weeks to check for damage and signs of wear, ensuring tread is always at least the minimum legal depth. Check fluid levels and top up when necessary. Frequent inspections and action will ensure your car is safe, will save money on expensive repairs and will maintain the general condition and value of the vehicle.

4. Keeping it Clean

First impressions count so a car that looks good will have greater value than one that’s dirty and grubby. A regular clean, both inside and out, is an essential task.

Regular washing will prevent paintwork damage from ingrained dirt and bird droppings. And the very fact you’re washing the car will mean you’ll notice any dents and scratches that you can deal with before they get worse.

Most people don’t enjoy washing the car and you can reduce the frequency by keeping the car under cover, preferably in a garage, so it’s protected from bird droppings and other contaminants. Using the right materials to clean the car will also help while a nano ceramic coating will protect the paintwork, ensure the car stays clean longer and make effective washing much easier.

Looking after your car isn’t difficult, it just needs a little time and effort. Plus, of course, the best materials to protect and maintain it.


Identifying Vehicle Paint Scratches

The Best Way to Protect Your Car from Scratches

We may be aware about how to efficiently repair our cars paint, if and when, it suffers from scratches. However, even more important is the knowledge of how to protect your vehicles paint against scratches and other major threats in the first place. Not only will paint protection save you sweat, time, and most importantly money, it will also help you to ensure the long lasting value and rust prevention of your own vehicle. There are many types of vehicle paint protections available on the market, all varying in how they are applied.

Scratches in your car paint are almost unescapable. You can apply the strategy of vehicle paint protection Mighty Armour from Mr Nano which has a 9H hardness factor, which will give your paint a fighting chance and everything will be in your power to avoid the impact of day to day wear and tear, for example key and ring scratches around the door handles, off road scuffs from annoying bushes down narrow tracks and unconcerned shoppers sliding shopping carts down the side of your vehicle in those confined parking lots and not to mention using incorrect washing techniques and using harsh washing tools.

The automotive paint which you have, most likely has a clear coat which is a good paint protection in it’s own right but is very limited and won’t stop scratches whatsoever. If not looked after or left in the elements continuously this clear coat will crack and start to peel and flake within a short period of time. So having Mighty Armour either applied by a qualified applicator or easily applied by DIY (do it yourself) would prevent this. 

Identify and Repair Options

Depending on the severity of the scratch or scratches on your paint, then paint correction (cut and polish) would need to be done, or in the worst case scenario a respray of paint. Before deciding how to restore your paint to its immaculate state, you need to identify how profound the scratch is and which layers the scratch has speared or damaged.

If you notice scratches on the paint and you want to remove these defects, firstly you need to identify the severity of the damage. A close examination will help you identify whether it’s merely the transparent outer clear coat that has been damaged, or whether the problem extends to the actual pigmented coat or primary steel.

Usually with shallow or clear coat marks or scratches it will appear white in colour and if you run your finger across this white mark it should still be smooth with no dentation or gouges on the surface. An inexpensive cut and polish is most likely all that is needed to remove this defect. If you find the defect has a deep gouge after you have run your finger over it then this is a more serious sign which would need a more expensive repair job, which would most likely need to be done by a qualified panel beater. This defect would consist of a darker shade in colour and or show colouration of the primer coat which could be grey or any type of colour depending on manufacturer. Or if this damage is so deep it may show silver, which means the damage has gone all the way though the layers of paint and has reached the primary steel.



Exposed primary steel or primer paint, plus a deep gouge out of the surface. This form of damage is more serious and will need to be repaired by a qualified panel beater. A simple cut and polish will not be sufficient.



These types of scratches are less serious which are identified by a shade of white in colour and is still smooth to touch. This can be removed with a cutting compound either by hand or with a polishing machine, then finished off with a polish. This can be done by a qualified car detailer which is recommended, damage will occur to the paint if the wrong paint correction techniques are used, so if you don’t have experience with paint correction then it is better to have a car detailer perform this task.

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Checkout this video of Mighty Armour Tough Test for Scratch Resistance which shows the scratch resistant properties:


Fascinating Nano Technology

Breaking down Nano Technology We’ve been really excited about nanotechnology, since introducing Mr Nano. It’s fascinating and mind boggling when you think of what scientists have been able to achieve. There was a time where what the eye could see was all we knew…… but then, through research and invention, we learned of the microscope. This instrument enabled us to view objects that were too small to be seen by the naked eye. Microscopes, over time, became highly powered and varied. You can obtain magnifications of an image from 1,500 times to 1 million times, and even see surface features on the atomic scale!

It all gets pretty complicated and, I’m no scientist, but all we need to know is that ‘Nano’ means something is smaller than microscopic, actually one billionth of a unit, and Mr Nano has been created with this technology.

If I can use an analogy of butter! You can take a block of butter and slice it into slabs, then you can use the knife to slice it into cubes, then you can grab a fork and mash it into mush, then you can put the mush into a blender and blend it into cream and so forth. You would be breaking the butter down. Mr Nano has been created by breaking small particles into even smaller particles. These tiny particles are now called Nano particles and they can get into the microscopic gaps and permeate spaces we cannot even see. This is the amazing invention of nanotechnology!

Mr Nano has been made from Nano technology which makes it perfect to create a shield against the environment. Because of the geniuses out there we can now apply a product like Mighty Armour to a surface and KNOW that it is seeping into the tiny weeny minute cracks in the surface to seal it.

We are so proud to be able to offer these products, and even prouder of the brains out there that invent this stuff! I mean because of this technology we can make our lives easier. Mr Nano gives us the chance to do a job properly! Apply Nanotechnology to your car, motorbike, boat and home once and sit back for years knowing you’ve invested wisely. Less time cleaning, less money spent and protecting your biggest assets and valuables is your future!

Mr Nano’s offers Australia’s best range of nano car protection products including:

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Keep Your Windscreen Spotless Longer

Have you looked at your windscreen lately? Does it need a clean?
If your anything like me when it comes to keeping a pristine looking vehicle it’s a must, but keeping all the windscreen, side windows and even the mirrors in a spotless state can be very difficult. I find nothing better than jumping in my car and not even noticing the windscreen, meaning it’s so clean and clear I don’t notice it. But there are so many factors that make your vehicles glass exposed to dirt and grime on a day to day basis. The main culprit would have to be mother nature and the road conditions. Let’s look at some ways to help keep your vehicles glass looking like it’s not even there.

Glass Enemies 

As you may know mother nature and road grime are the main factors from keeping the glass surface clean. As your driving behind other vehicles on a wet road, all the road grime that is sprayed onto your vehicles windows, from the leading vehicles tyres, is the worst. It looks like it’s just water spray but this spray is full of muck and dirt particles that stick to the glass surface, making it filthy. Then we have mother nature, which has everything to make your glass look like an insect splash painting, which can be hard to remove especially if you allow the insect smudges to dry on the glass. Not to mention the calcium and hard water stains which are the most stubborn of stains and can be the most difficult to remove. Depending on how frequent the glass surface is exposed to these harsh main water supplies, coming from garden and lawn reticulation, or even from the water you use to wash your vehicle from the main water supply.


Easy to Hard Stain Removal 

Cleaning your glass depends on the condition of the glass and how grimy or dirty the surface is. But here are some simple tips and tricks you can use to help clean and prepare your glass surface.

To start with there is the trusty Windex, which is good for removing minor grime and calcium stains, but it works best after the surface has been cleaned with a detergent. Using Windex after a clean will remove any streaky minor water stains, but Windex has limitations when it comes to heavy water and bug stains. 

When it comes to heavy stains there are a few options, the first and cheapest product you can try is Cloudy Ammonia which can be purchased from any supermarket or hardware store. You can water down Cloudy Ammonia’s strength to suit the toughness of the stains. I have used Cloudy Ammonia on many occasions but have found even at full strength it won’t remove the hardest of stains. Also, do not use this product on tinted glass

If Cloudy Ammonia doesn’t do the trick, the next step for really tough stains, is a couple of different products. One is called Bar Keepers Friend and the other is Magic Kleen. Both are great for the harshest of stains and can be used not only on your vehicles windows but also on marine vessels and the shower screen at home. 

Bar Keepers friend is more readily available to us from the Coles supermarket chain. With Magic Kleen ordering online is the easiest option, offers the product in a 1kg or 400g packs with free shipping, which is not bad. Both products are in a powder form and once water is added it becomes a thick paste, which is rubbed onto the glass surface with a sponge then rinsed off. You will find this will remove most glass stains. Just be careful not to rub too hard which may scratch the glass. 

If you find the glass has scratches on the surface, this can be caused from damaged wiper blades etc. Meguiars Ultimate Compound which is available from most auto stores can be used on glass surfaces with a microfibre cloth or with either a polishing machine or a drill with a polishing pad attachment, which is my preferred option. Simply use Ultimate Compound on the glass surface exactly like you would on a painted surface with back and forth motions, then using a microfibre cloth wipe away the compound residue and you will find the scratches are gone. Ultimate Compound is clear coat safe, so if your light lenses are starting to discolour use this product to rejuvenate your lenses. You can use this to remove all the stains mentioned above also, so this is a great option to try.  

Keep your Glass Incredible

Now that you have all the glass and mirrors spotless wouldn’t you love to keep it this way, but as mentioned earlier you are against the odds. That is where we come in and save the day. You can now keep your glass crystal clear and clean for amazingly long periods of time. Mr Nano Glass Armour gives one-year rain repellency glass protection, for all your glass and mirrors on your vehicle or marine vessels. This awesome glass protection basically has nano particles that criss cross each other, which embed and lock themselves together, into the glass surface. This technology seals and waterproofs the entire surface. With its super hydrophobic properties, it makes the glass surface extremely difficult to wet. Rain etc, will simply bead off the surface. What grime, calcium, hard water stains and bugs that manage to stick to the surface are simply wiped away or bug smudges and bird droppings just wash off with a hose down even if the insect smudges or bird droppings have dried and become rock hard. If you live in the colder climates where those frosty cold mornings have frozen your windscreen over night, need not worry your windscreen etc will not freeze, because Glass Armour does not let the dew or moisture settle on the glass surface. Simply start your vehicle and drive no more standing in the freezing cold defrosting your windows. The great thing being is that there is no need to use the harsh chemical cleaning products mentioned above to keep your glass clean. Having to clean your windscreen is basically cut in half, no need to repeat the hard cleaning as you would if you didn’t have Mr Nano Glass Armour applied, now you only have to give it a quick wipe down with water or a hose down or maybe just use your wiper blades a few times with water to make those stubborn insect smudges disappear.

Save Money Save Time

Mr Nano Glass Armour one year rain repellency will save you huge amounts of cleaning time and money. I have a Holden Colorado and I had to buy new wiper blades once. I couldn’t find after market blades at the auto stores, so I had to buy factory blades for my 4×4. I had to pay $90.00 for these blades which were well over priced. The great thing about Glass Armour is that you don’t have to use your wipers anymore, because while you are driving along in the rain Glass Armour will keep your vision clear with no wipers needed. You may find it hard to believe, but with the nanotechnology in the protective coating gives the glass surface a super smooth slippery seal. It doesn’t matter how heavy the rain or how tough the driving conditions, the repellency properties repel everything away leaving you with clear safe vision. In turn saving you money with not having to buy new wiper blades cool aye!

Simple DIY Application

Your probably thinking Glass Armour needs a qualified person to apply, well I’m happy to say no that’s not the case at all. Mr Nano’s Glass Armour is a DIY product and is so easy to apply yourself. We offer a full set of instructions and application videos showing you a step by step application process. Once you watch this application video you will see how easy this is to apply, checkout ”How to apply Glass Armour’’

Once a year has pasted you will start to notice the repellency properties will start to lose it’s effectiveness, this is the time to simply reapply Glass Armour and done, you have gained another year of safe clear vision with simple cleaning properties. Glass Armour does not flake or peel overtime, that’s cool!

Why not checkout Glass Armour for yourself with the videos included in this blog or on this link

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Hope this info helps to keep your windscreen and windows super clear and clean! Good luck and bye for now.

Quick look at Glass Armour repellency properties

Want to know how to apply Glass Armour

Let Glass Armour keep your windscreen defrosted


Dream No More We Have You Covered With Mr Nano

Mighty Armour Ceramic Scratch Resistant Paint Protection

Promising Tips To Keep Your Car’s Paint Scratch Free

As a vehicle owner, you likely take great pride in your car, truck, 4×4 or SUV. For many people, their vehicle offers a sense of accomplishment and joy. For these reasons, folks go to great lengths to ensure that the car looks great at all times. This includes keeping it free of any dings, dents or scratches. Paint scratches are not only unsightly but they can allow for rust to form, which can lead to bigger problems down the road. While not all accidents can be prevented, there are a few simple tips you can follow to help keep your paint scratch free.

Use the Correct Car Washing Materials and methods 

If you haven’t treated your vehicle with Mighty Armour then here are some handy tips to avoid unsightly damage whilst washing your vehicle. When you are ready to wash your car be sure that you use proper washing materials. This includes using 100% cotton washing mitts, approved automotive soap or detergents and any other accessories that you deem necessary for a proper washing job. A two bucket method is great for not only saving valuable water but also separates the dirty washing detergent from the clean rinsing water, simply washing with the bucket which has the approved detergent and then using the other bucket to rinse down with a good quality chamois. It is important that you don’t use foam washing pads because debris, dirt, and anything nasty can get stuck in the foam which will cause damage to your vehicles paint. Also don’t use dishwashing soap when washing a vehicle as it contains degreasers and microscopic particles that are designed to remove food buildup on dishes, not dirt etc off your car paint.

Benefits Having Mighty Armour on Your Vehicle

Mighty Armour is an exclusive, amazing DIY ceramic scratch resistant paint protection that lets you get rid of those harsh detergents and washing chemicals that you need to remove tar, road grime, brake dust, exhaust stains, tree sap and much more that will try its hardest to stick and embed into your paint work causing damage. With simply applying our DIY ceramic coating the only equipment you need to keep your car looking brand new is either clean water or a mild approved automotive washing detergent with a good quality washing mitt and chamois. You will find using a mitt and chamois not even needed at times, instead just a simple hose down will remove the debris because the ceramic coating has been engineered with hydrophobic properties. Which means water and the likes fail to mix, because the paint has been sealed from the elements making the surface very slippery. All those different things mentioned, that you will struggle with, will fail to stick to the surface and with the superhydrophobic properties you will enjoy watching and cleaning as the beading has mind blowing effectiveness. It ensures durability for up to two years on all painted vehicles. This incredible, unmatched product comes with the most effortless cleaning properties and because of the 9H hardness, Mighty Armour has the strongest and toughest durability on the market today that makes it the number one choice for all vehicle and 4×4 owners, because it stops scratches and damage occurring whilst washing but also gives peace of mind with 4×4 owners knowing you can attack those off road tracks and avoid those annoying paint scuff marks and scratches that occur on those narrow tracks plus saves your paint from routine day to day paint wear. It is really effortless to apply as well as cuts the cleaning by almost half but you will find yourself wanting to clean your car regularly not because you have to but because you want to because once your vehicle has been coated washing becomes fun.

Safe Parking Habits

Parking lots are dangerous places for cars as they can encounter many different hazards. There is the chance that a runaway shopping cart could come into contact with your vehicle, or the person parked next to you could open the door just a little too hard.  Mighty Armour has great scratch resistant properties. It won’t prevent direct high impact damage, Mighty Armour may stop paint getting scratched but it can’t stop dents or dings. For these reasons, it is important to try to find a spot in the back of the parking lot, preferably in a corner, in order to minimize the chances of these issues occurring. 

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Don’t give all your secrets away to visitors

4 Ways To Help Keep Your Home Spotless

Let Your Home Surfaces Shine Impeccably

Nothing says clean like gleaming surfaces, but with the kids and pets running around, it can be really difficult to keep your floors, countertops, tabletops — all the surfaces in your home — looking their best. This handy guide will certainly help you to clean multiple surfaces quickly and easily.

Unclutter Your Space

The less stuff you have sitting out, whether for utility or display, cuts your cleaning time down because you are not having to move and dust down these items. Be sensible in what you leave on top of countertops, coffee tables, end tables and buffets. Displaying items like knick knacks and photo collections should be kept to a minimum, consider buying a glass-fronted cabinet for displaying your collection of displays, because having these items in an allocated location not only prevents clutter but also saves moving these items anytime you want to clean, plus if you have an enclosed cabinet this will prevent dust settling all over these beloved items. In the kitchen, keep out only what you use several times per day. Remember: A lack of clutter gives the look of clean.

Equipment To Make Cleaning A Breeze

Gather everything you’ll need to tackle the job in one spot or, if you have one, a trolly you can bring with you which holds cleaning equipment. Here are the basics:

Two types of cleaning cloths: heavy-duty paper towels for tougher cleaning jobs, like the kitchen, and a soft chamois cloth for more delicate surfaces.

  • A duster for the tops of knick knacks, mirrors and pictures, and the lampshades.
  • Mr Nano surface protection for glass and or ceramic tiles comes highly recommended. This new protective coating will keep your surfaces clean for a great amount of time, up to 2 years. Glass & Ceramic Shine from Mr Nano, once applied, seals and waterproofs your glass and ceramic surfaces with it’s amazing hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. Repelling water and the likes so to prevent surfaces from becoming dirty and stopping grime build up, which in turn saves you huge amounts of cleaning time. Thats gotta be good for you….. meaning more time relaxing either with family or with a nice glass of wine. Glass & Ceramic Shine is a simple cheap option to save you time and money, no more need to spend valuable money on harsh cleaning chemicals on your glass or ceramic surfaces, because of the protective layer which has sealed these surfaces you will only need to wipe down with a clean cloth and water and your done. Remember when you do want to give these surfaces a wipe down (it’s very few and far between) foreign matter struggles to stick to these treated surfaces, so you will find having to clean is a long time between drinks, so to speak. Another great benefit with Glass & Ceramic Shine is it leaves your ceramic surfaces with an amazing crystal clean shine for the duration of the coating, making the surface look like it has been polished. Also this great product can be used inside and outside of your home so great for keeping your shower screens and windows looking spotless. No more stubborn calcium stains that are caused from hard water which is hard to avoid as this hard water comes from our water supply. But fear not because Glass & Ceramic Shine is here to prevent these issues and to make your life a relaxing dream. 
  • You may think ‘great but this miracle coating must need a heap of professionals to apply it to these surfaces’? Well need not worry because this is specially designed and engineered as a DIY application, so all you need to do is invest in Glass & Ceramic Shine. Give yourself the same amount of time you would spend cleaning all these surfaces and instead dedicate this same amount of time to applying Glass & Ceramic Shine, all that’s needed is to spray Glass & Ceramic Shine directly to the surface and wipe down with a good quality cotton cloth. Avoid these surfaces making contact from water etc for 24hrs and your done. These surfaces are protected for the next 2 years awesome.

Develop a Simple Cleaning Plan

Based on the layout of your house, make a plan that will move you efficiently from room to room, cleaning surfaces in each space as you go. Keep in mind to make use of the exclusive Mr Nano Glass & Ceramic Shine, which comes with the efficiency to provide crystal clear glass and shiny ceramic tiles for at least 2 years.

Moreover, you’ll want to make a pass through the more heavily trafficked rooms in your house — the kitchen, family room, hallways and bathrooms — twice a week to maintain that freshly cleaned appearance.

Albeit it may not be as deep down as a house-clearing scrub down, keeping your surfaces sparkling using this wonderful, unparalleled product will give you a sense of cleanliness.

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Glass Protective Coating Technology

Do you drive everyday and find your keeping your windscreen and windows on your vehicle clean difficult, are you forever getting dirty and grimy windows in your home, vehicle, boat inside and out. Would you love to have that freedom of not having to worry about cleaning your glass surfaces all the time you fuel up or when it rains. Well you really don’t have to… Glass protective coating technology today has improved so much that you need not worry or waste your valuable time anymore. Read these blogs and get great tips and tricks on different ways to clean and maintain the clearest and safest glass around…

Mr Nano’s offers Australia’s best range of nano car protection products including:


Make Life Easy On & Off The Water

Clean and protect your marine lovables inside and out. Rest at ease knowing once you’ve sealed your boats body water damage will be prevented. With its superhydrophobic feature making surfaces extremely difficult to wet, effortless fast and easy cleaning properties on a variety of surfaces; boat hulls & deck attachments, outboards, fishing reels & tackle, perspex, painted & unpainted metal & plastic surfaces, engine bilges parts & covers. Mr Nano ensures your motor and propellers are free of fouling, and shine like brand new.
Mr Nano will cut your cleaning time. No need for harsh washing chemicals or detergents.

Mr Nano’s offers Australia’s best range of nano car protection products including: