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How Does Ceramic Coating Work?

If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your vehicle, then ceramic coating should certainly be something you consider, amongst other methods. Despite its effectiveness, however, the way that ceramic coating works and how it specifically protects your vehicle is not widely known. Therefore, before you decide to invest in the method, we here at Mr Nano Protective Coatings have decided to break down exactly what ceramic coating is and how it works for your vehicle’s protection to give you all the information you need before you get started.

So, How Does it Work

Ceramic coating, such as the one we provide, is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle. Essentially, it works by creating a chemical bond with the paint that has already been applied during manufacturing. Usually, there are two options for how this bond will be applied: permanent or semi-permanent. It is worth spending some time considering which option is best for you but be aware that both will provide protection that does not wash away or easily break down, and neither should require you to reapply the application regularly.

Overall, the ceramic car coating acts as another layer of defence for your vehicle, making it more resilient to potential damaging agents. So, what exactly does it protect your vehicle from?

What Does Ceramic Coating Protect your Vehicle from?

Chemical stains

Staining and etching can become a serious problem for car owners, resulting in a serious financial investment being required to undo any damages caused. It is better, therefore, to ensure that you remain one step ahead of this. Ceramic coating offers a new, chemically resistant surface for your vehicle, preventing the likelihood of stains or etching and making the car resistant overall to the potential effects of naturally acidic contaminants.


Whilst dirt does not present a glaring problem for your vehicle in terms of potential damages being caused, it can ruin your car’s overall aesthetic and cause problems if not kept in check. Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, which essentially means that dirt and grime will have a harder time sticking to the surface of your car, keeping it cleaner for longer. Furthermore, when you do eventually find that your car is in need of a wash, the contaminants can be removed with ease thanks to the new surface.


When a vehicle is left at the mercy of the sun’s UV rays, its paint will begin to oxidise. Essentially, this will result in your paint fading over time and appearing duller, losing the shine that you fell in love with. Ceramic coating prevents this oxidisation damage by becoming a barrier between your car’s paint and the UV rays from the sun, thereby keeping your car shinier for longer.

Faded Paint

Whilst a faded paint job is also not something that is necessarily damaging to your vehicle, anyone who takes pride in their car will know that it is still something to avoid. As well as preventing the potential damaging factors of oxidisation, ceramic coating also works to keep your paint job enhanced for longer by boosting the reflective properties of your paint job, thereby adding more gloss and depth to the colour and shine of it.

Car Protection

Resale Value Tips For Your Car

Buying a car is one of the biggest investments you’ll make so it’s sensible to try to protect your investment as much as you can. New cars suffer significant depreciation as soon as they leave the showroom and your aim should be to keep that depreciation to a minimum so the sale value is as high as it can be. The more you get for your old car, whether as an outright sale or part-exchange, the more you can afford to pay for the new one.

1. Buying the Right Car

Some cars hold their value better than others so studying the trends will help you make your choice. Also, avoid buying cars in fashionable or unusual colours that may not be popular for long and don’t make modifications that buyers may not want. Stick to the basics.

2. Keep it Clean

A car that looks good will get a better price than one that looks dirty and uncared for because it demonstrates you’ve looked after it. A weekly wash will get rid of the grime and regular waxing will protect the paintwork. Even better is a ceramic coating that will protect the paintwork against damage, help keep the dirt off and make it easier to clean.

Make sure you clean the lights, trim and wheels as well as the paintwork, using specialist cleaners for best effect, and don’t forget the interior which needs to be free of stains and bad odours. A regular clean will also identify any paintwork defects that need sorting before they corrode.

Putting your car under cover whenever possible will keep off tree sap and bird droppings that can be acidic and corrosive. Ceramic coating will also provide that extra layer of protection.

3. Maintain the Mechanics

All cars deteriorate with use and regular service is essential to detect problems before they become too serious. Services need to be carried out by reputable garages at prescribed intervals and manufacturer-approved components should always be used. Also, check fluid levels, tyre pressures and electrics frequently to ensure they’re in order, never ignore problems and always investigate and take the necessary action when warning lights come on.

4. Provide the Evidence

You’ll only get the best price for your car if you take the correct actions and can prove you have done so. You must, therefore, keep receipts and other documents together in a safe place so you can provide the full-service history when you come to dispose of the car. If buyers can see problems have been fixed and services carried out when due, they’re more likely to have the confidence to pay a good price for the vehicle.

Whether you’re part-exchanging your car or plan to sell it privately, you’ll achieve the best price if you do the basics that include keeping it looking good and working reliably. And there are ways you make this a lot easier, such as by applying ceramic car coating and using the best cleaning products.

Car Protection

Top 5 Biggest Threats to Your Car’s Appearance

As a car owner, it can be a daunting task to try and keep your vehicle looking as good as it did on the day that you first bought it. After all, with so many potential hazards, how do you know which ones to focus on when it comes to protecting your vehicle? Well, our team here at Mr Nano protective coatings for cars has decided to do the hard work for you by breaking down the top 5 biggest threats to your car’s appearance, allowing you to get to work faster on fighting against them.


If your car is regularly left outside, then the harmful UV rays of the sun will, over time, cause serious damage to your car’s paint job. This is due to a process called oxidisation, which will essentially cause your paint to fade and result in an overall duller appearance. The easiest way to combat this hazard is to leave your car in a spot of shade, or indoors in some capacity. Alternatively, for those who do not have such options available, you could provide an extra layer of protection for your car by investing in a ceramic coating, such as the one we sell right here at Mr Nano Protective Coatings.

Scratches and Scuffs

Another hazard which most car owners will already be painfully aware of is the possibility of your car’s paint being scuffed or scratched. This can occur in many ways, which is why it is so difficult to keep on top of. The best thing you can do for your car to offer an all-round protection is to use a scratch-resistant paint protection on your car’s surface. For example, you could use our Mighty Armour range, which is decided to protect against any hazard that may cause scratching or scuffing.


While dirt may not seem like a huge threat to your car, the build up of it can be extremely detrimental. The most obvious reason for this is that it tarnishes the aesthetic of your vehicle if left unchecked, however it is also worth noting that dirt has the potential to cause damage to your vehicle if you don’t wash it off regularly, due to it bonding with your car’s paint and becoming difficult to remove without also removing the paint itself. Again, you can use a ceramic car coating to minimise the potential effects of this, due to the coating being hydrophobic and allowing you to easily wash off any mud or grime.


Naturally acidic contaminants have the potential to cause stains and etchings on your vehicle, damaging the paint job and ruining the overall appearance. These contaminants can be present in many instances, such as in bird poo, for one example. As these are hard to avoid overall if your car is regularly on the road or left outside, it is best to get ahead of them and ensure that your car is protected from the start with a ceramic coating.


Our final, and perhaps most obvious, threat to your car’s appearance is time. Over time, if you do not keep on top of your car’s upkeep, your paint job will fade, and the quality of the car will decrease overall. Therefore, it is important that you regularly treat your car and apply protective layers to its paint to keep it looking brand new for as long as possible. You could also enlist the help of a specialist if you feel like you are not up to the task, such as our team here at Mr Nano Protective Coatings.

Car Protection

8 Benefits of Nano Ceramic Coating Your Car


Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that’s applied to the paintwork of a car. It bonds to the surface and is one of the most effective forms of coating since, once applied, it can only be removed by abrasion. This type of nano coating for cars is increasingly popular because it provides many benefits.

1. Long Lasting

Waxing and other types of sealants are sometimes applied as coatings but only have a short-term effect, often needing to be re-applied after a few weeks or a year at the very most. Ceramic coating, although it requires a relatively long time and a degree of effort to apply, can last for many years if applied and maintained properly. It can, therefore, be more cost-effective than coating that needs to be re-applied frequently.

2. Effective Protection

New cars have a clear coat layer that is on top of and protects the colour layer. However, this top layer can be easily damaged through stone chips and scratches. The ceramic coating acts as an additional layer that provides a tough, protective coating for cars against scratches and swirl marks.

3. Better Looking Paintwork

Because ceramic coating adds an extra protective layer to the car’s paint, it creates a much deeper and more intense finish. This gives an extremely glossy appearance, the much sought after ‘showroom shine’, which really lasts and makes your car look great.

4. No Harmful Effects

The ceramic coating bonds to the existing paint layer without causing any harm or other effect to it. In fact, since it provides a protective layer, it is beneficial to the paintwork.

5. Clean for Longer

By applying an extra layer to the existing paint, ceramic coating fills in any slight imperfections and creates an extremely smooth surface. This makes it difficult for dirt to stick to the bodywork and so the car will look cleaner for much longer.

6. Easier to Clean

Ceramic coating will mean your car stays clean for longer, but you will still need to wash it, just not as often. Since the surface is smoother, due to the ceramic coat filling in the imperfections, it will be much easier to remove the dirt since it won’t tend to stick to the surface.

7. Graffiti Protection

In the same way that dirt finds it difficult to stick to the coated surface, so is graffiti less likely to adhere to the ceramic coating. And any that does stick can be removed more easily.

8. UV Protection

In a country like Australia, where the sun is strong and frequent, damage from UV rays can be a serious problem. This can lead to a fading or discolouration of a car’s paintwork that is impossible to rectify. Ceramic coating’s protective layer guards against sun damage and keeps the paintwork looking glossy and bright.

Ceramic coating is much more effective and longer-lasting than wax polish or any other sealants. But you’ll only get all the benefits if you use a quality product that’s easy to apply correctly. At Mr Nano, we have exactly the products you need, including complete kits with all the necessary application information so you can complete your ceramic coating at home.