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8 Benefits of Nano Ceramic Coating Your Car


Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that’s applied to the paintwork of a car. It bonds to the surface and is one of the most effective forms of coating since, once applied, it can only be removed by abrasion. This type of nano coating for cars is increasingly popular because it provides many benefits.

1. Long Lasting

Waxing and other types of sealants are sometimes applied as coatings but only have a short-term effect, often needing to be re-applied after a few weeks or a year at the very most. Ceramic coating, although it requires a relatively long time and a degree of effort to apply, can last for many years if applied and maintained properly. It can, therefore, be more cost-effective than coating that needs to be re-applied frequently.

2. Effective Protection

New cars have a clear coat layer that is on top of and protects the colour layer. However, this top layer can be easily damaged through stone chips and scratches. The ceramic coating acts as an additional layer that provides a tough, protective coating for cars against scratches and swirl marks.

3. Better Looking Paintwork

Because ceramic coating adds an extra protective layer to the car’s paint, it creates a much deeper and more intense finish. This gives an extremely glossy appearance, the much sought after ‘showroom shine’, which really lasts and makes your car look great.

4. No Harmful Effects

The ceramic coating bonds to the existing paint layer without causing any harm or other effect to it. In fact, since it provides a protective layer, it is beneficial to the paintwork.

5. Clean for Longer

By applying an extra layer to the existing paint, ceramic coating fills in any slight imperfections and creates an extremely smooth surface. This makes it difficult for dirt to stick to the bodywork and so the car will look cleaner for much longer.

6. Easier to Clean

Ceramic coating will mean your car stays clean for longer, but you will still need to wash it, just not as often. Since the surface is smoother, due to the ceramic coat filling in the imperfections, it will be much easier to remove the dirt since it won’t tend to stick to the surface.

7. Graffiti Protection

In the same way that dirt finds it difficult to stick to the coated surface, so is graffiti less likely to adhere to the ceramic coating. And any that does stick can be removed more easily.

8. UV Protection

In a country like Australia, where the sun is strong and frequent, damage from UV rays can be a serious problem. This can lead to a fading or discolouration of a car’s paintwork that is impossible to rectify. Ceramic coating’s protective layer guards against sun damage and keeps the paintwork looking glossy and bright.

Ceramic coating is much more effective and longer-lasting than wax polish or any other sealants. But you’ll only get all the benefits if you use a quality product that’s easy to apply correctly. At Mr Nano, we have exactly the products you need, including complete kits with all the necessary application information so you can complete your ceramic coating at home.

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