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Ceramic Car Coating & Paint Protection

Mr Nano ceramic car coatings provide a protective barrier between the elements of nature and the surface of your vehicle while giving your car’s paint a deep shine. Protect your paint from scratches and weather with our automotive paint protection products.

Mr Nano

The Best DIY Paint Protection With Effortless Cleaning, Scratch Resistant Properties, Deep Glossy Shine & More…

For many people across Australia, their car is one of their most highly prized and valued possessions. Having access to a reliable, comfortable, and stylish means of getting from A to B is an essential part of modern life. As a result, the importance of finding the absolute best ways possible to keep your vehicle in top condition at all times cannot be overstated. With the help of quality nano ceramic car paint protection products like those you’ll find here at Mr Nano, you can be sure that it will never again have to be difficult, expensive or time-consuming to achieve excellent and consistent results when it comes to car maintenance.

Invest in the Best Nano Ceramic Car Coatings Australia Has Available

There are several excellent benefits that come with investing in nano ceramic paint for your car – the most immediate and obvious of which is the incredible way in which an ordinary finish is suddenly transformed into a deep, reflective glossy shine that is bound to make your vehicle the envy of all your neighbours! But as well as the aesthetic advantages, nano coating auto products also serve a very practical purpose by making the surface of your car extremely slippery. This means that grime and tar from the road will be prevented from sticking hard to your paintwork, making effective cleaning easier than ever before. Plus, a hardened protective layer provided by the nano ceramic coating will protect the surface of your car from unsightly scuffs and scratches which can be a pain to get fixed. Read More

How Does Nano Car Paint Protection Work?

The nano ceramic coating car products available from Mr Nano work by creating a protective layer on your vehicle’s surface. This nano coating layer will successfully block UV rays, prevent damage and corrosion, and make future cleaning extremely straightforward. This ceramic coating Australian car enthusiasts rave about can be wiped onto your car with ease, and once it has been applied it provides an incredible two years of protection. During this time, you will be able to cut out around 50% of your regular car washes and time-consuming waxing techniques every two to three months, as the protection provided by the ceramic coating will keep the surface of your car in excellent condition. After the two years are up, there will be no peeling or flaking of the coating – you’ll simply need to reapply this ceramic car coating product to renew your protection.

Mr Nano’s boasts Australia’s best of car protection products including:

Order Your New Nano Ceramic Coating Products Online Today

If you would like to find out more information about how Mr Nano products can help make taking care of your car quicker, easier, and more affordable than it has ever been before, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Where ever you are in Australia we have everything you need to apply your ceramic car coating in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and everywhere in between. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Alternatively, simply make use of the convenient online shop to browse our range of products and place your order today, and we will arrange for it to be delivered as soon as possible. Read Less

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“Let your automotive property speak for itself”
Achieve a slick and professional-look vehicle wash and detail right in your own driveway…….Unlike other wax and oil based products that sit on the surface Mr Nano coating fully bonds with the surface. Powerfully protecting against scratches, effectively washing off debris, polishing and protecting your paint and glass, and giving full UV protection.


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Nanotechnology has enabled the improved durability of existing surfaces. It does this in a simple and efficient way. When the liquid (Mr Nano) is applied to the surface it fills all of the sub-microscopic ‘holes’ located on the original surface with the repelling agent (Mr Nano). The result is one continuous bonded waterproof surface that now, has the ability to maintain a durable and lustruous surface by repelling water, UV rays and other harmful chemicals that can, over time deteriorate surfaces.

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