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After many cars and hundreds of dollars of cleaning products and my appreciation of clean good looking cars, I’ll never go past this product Mr Nano Metal & Plastic, Mr Nano Glass & Marine, and finally Mr Nano Multi Clean.  I’ve had so many good comments, especially when I recently had my Prado serviced. They couldn’t believe  the results. Thanks Dan!!

Mark Harris
Mr Nano Testimonial
Mr Nano Testimonial

Came home from 3 week cruise wondering who cleaned the pool??? Realised the Mr Nano Glass was making it look clean! Cannot recommend this product enough and telling all our friends. The grand kids run around the pool and make a mess but the glass is still clean after a hose and wipe, looks superb thanks Mr Nano!

Ned & Tiha Gaspar

Thanks heaps looks great. Cheers

Randy Ermino

Getting Dan to come and Nano the glass in our shower was the best decision we’ve made with our house yet! Six months later, the water still beads off after every shower and the glass still sparkles like new with a quick wipe down. We highly recommend Dan and the team at Mr Nano – brilliant product and fantastic customer service.


Hey Dan, came up a treat. Not bad for a daily commuter. Cheers

Greg Jones

Hi Dan,

Well you know how I want my trucks looking pristine for myself and my customers to set a good example of our professionalism with clean polished trucks. I’ll never go past Mr Nano protective coatings. My trucks always look bang on and keeping them clean is ten times easier and faster. Cheers Guys.