We’ve put together a list of common questions we get asked by our customers on a regular basis.

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  • How long will Mr Nano last?

    Depending on the Mr Nano product the protectant will maintain its seal from 1 to 2 years.

  • How do you apply Mr Nano?

    Depending on the surface to be treated products used to seal paint, steel, plastic, and gelcoat are applied with a cotton pad applicator. Others need to be applied by spraying directly to the surface. Then, all residue to be buffed off with a microfibre or cotton cloth (depending on surface). Refer to product instructions.

  • What surfaces can be treated with Mr Nano?

    The surfaces are unlimited and used in a wide range of sectors from textile to automotive: painted surfaces, glass, ceramics, metal, wood, plastic, mineral surfaces.

  • Before buffing, how large an area do I apply Mr Nano to?

    One square metre, or a car door size area, then buff residue before applying next section.

  • Can Mr Nano products be applied outside?

    Yes, if surface is fully dry and at min 3° Celsius and max 30° Celsius. Do not apply in direct sunlight.

  • Once Mr Nano is applied will frost or heat damage the sealed surface?

    No, Mr Nano is a protective sealant that will resist frost, temperature, corrosion, UV rays, oxidisation & fading, salt water residue, hard water & calcium stains & much more.

  • How would my car windscreen benefit from Mr Nano?

    The benefits are endless, however, safer vision would have to be the greatest. Once applied Mr Nano will give you up to 45,000 km using a wiper and will make insect smudges and calcium build up easily removable.

  • If a surface has already been sealed with other products, can I still use Mr Nano?

    Yes, but you would need to prepare the surface by cleaning thoroughly. We highly recommend using Mr Nano specially designed Multiclean which leaves no residue or streaks and prepares the surface as it needs to be clean, dry and grease free.

  • How long does Mr Nano take to cure?

    Once applied you need to leave the sealant for a period of 24 hours.

  • How do I clean the treated surface once Mr Nano has been applied?

    A simple wash with a mild detergent or water, and chamois to remove any remaining droplets is sufficient. For glass or windows use a squeegee to leave the surface streak free.

  • The repellence ability has faded away over time, what can I do?

    Clean thoroughly and seal again using a further application.

  • What are the benefits of Mr Nano?

    Mr Nano is an easy to apply topcoat that will give a surface both protection from the environment and multiple features without changing the surface characteristics like colour, texture and breathability. One of the key benefits is his outstanding durability.

  • Can I use Mr Nano Glass on the glass fencing around my pool?

    Absolutely, it will last for 2 years on your pool fence with easy cleaning properties and full UV protection, so it will stop the glass deteriorating and becoming brittle.

  • What happens when I use abrasive bathroom/kitchen cleaners after sealing?

    These will damage the sealant, use only water or mild detergent to wipe down surface.

  • Will the rubber seal on my window get damaged if I get Mr Nano on it?


  • How do I clean stainless steel that has been treated with Mr Nano?

    Like any other surface coated with Mr Nano, simply use water or a mild detergent and a microfibre or chamois cloth.

  • Are there any other conditions?

    Ensure the surface is dry, clean and grease free. Mr Nano Multiclean will leave no residue or streaks and will prepare the surface to give all Mr Nano range of products 100% full effectiveness.

  • The ‘easy-to-clean effect’ has decreased, what can I do?

    Firstly clean the surface and if the effect is still not reproduced simply seal the surface again, by reapplying Mr Nano.

  • Can I use Mr Nano Metal and Plastic on car rims?

    Precisely what it is designed for. It can be used on all steel, alloy and chrome wheels. Ensure the rims are clean, dry and grease free before applying.

  • Once applied and cured can Mr Nano then be removed at any time?

    Using a cut and polish, the cutting compound inside the polish will remove the coating.

  • Does Mr Nano contain any pollutants?

    No, Mr Nano is environmentally friendly and is silicone based with ethanol and Si02, which are all natural ingredients.

  • I have damaged the sealant, what can I do now?

    If the coating has visible scratches etc. simply cut and polish the affected area. Then thoroughly clean surface and  reapply Mr Nano.

  • Is Mr Nano harmful to your skin or health?

    There are no harmful or harsh chemicals in Mr Nano, however for sensitive skin use gloves when applying. Highly recommended to be applied in a ventilated area.