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“Let your automotive property speak for itself”

Achieve a slick and professional-look vehicle wash and detail right in your own driveway…….Unlike other wax and oil based products that sit on the surface Mr Nano coating fully bonds with the surface. Powerfully protecting against scratches, effectively washing off debris, polishing and protecting your paint and glass, and giving full UV protection.



“Don’t give all your secrets away to visitors”

Cut your cleaning time down to minutes, rather than hours as you’ll never need to scrub again. Just splash with water and allow Mr Nano coating to be your superior removal for stains and residue, cleaning, polishing and protecting your ceramic and glass surfaces, absolutely no smears or smudges left behind and leaving a pristine, brand new looking home.





How Nano Coatings Work

Nanotechnology has enabled the improved durability of existing surfaces. It does this in a simple and efficient way. When the liquid (Mr Nano) is applied to the surface it fills all of the sub-microscopic ‘holes’ located on the original surface with the repelling agent (Mr Nano). The result is one continuous bonded waterproof surface which now, has the ability to maintain a durable and lustruous surface by repelling water, UV rays and other harmful chemicals that can, over time deteriorate surfaces.



“Blow away fellow drivers as you pass them by without your wipers on”

Nano coatings have beading qualities that make rain and water simply slide right off glass. This will dramatically increase your visibility on your windscreen, enabling clear vision and safe driving. Not only will your windscreen benefit but your family will too. Applying Mr Nano coating to your windows, mirrors and windscreen will ensure water, residue, bird droppings and stubborn insect smudges are repelled.



“Keep your marine lovables more than shmico, but brand spanking new and professionally maintained”

Your boat, or yacht, is your pride and joy bringing lasting memories and fun times. Give it the WOW factor and treat it in return with polish and protection from the ravages of sun and sea. Mr Nano coating will protect from harsh salt water residue, harmful UV rays, and corrosion.



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